The beginning of December, 2019 is bringing in lots of ice, snow and low temperatures. Here are some of your sent-in weather photos

In Greene:

In Afton:

In Johnson City:

In Enfield:

In Chenango Bridge:

In Vestal, Underwood Road:

In Binghamton:

In Lisle, NY:

Also in Lisle:

Unspecified location:

In Windsor:

Exchange Street, Binghamton:

In Endicott, taken two hours apart:

Taft Ave, Endicott:

Binghamton, East Side:

Next 3 all from Vestal:

Next 4 from unspecified locations:

Binghamton, Southside:

Whitney Point:

In Binghamton, Loughlin Road:




From an unspecified location. The sender says that her kids call this a table cake and put icicles on as candles:

Binghamton, South side

Maine, NY:

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