BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Today, Binghamton City Councilman Phil Strawn announced his re-election campaign for the 6th District Council seat on the Southside.

“I hear from residents and business owners here on the Southside every day and the
message is clear – the City of Binghamton is on the right path but we have a long way to go,”
said Councilman Strawn. “I’m looking forward to continuing the work voters sent me to
City Hall to do and delivering results that matter, including cutting taxes, improving public
safety, paving streets, demolishing eyesores and revitalizing our neighborhoods. Let’s keep
working together to keep our City on the path to a better and brighter future.”

According to Strawn’s camp, he has voted to cut taxes, add resources for first responders, support public safety initiatives, upgrade infrastructure, improve parks, and remove blight since first being elected in 2019.

Strawn is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and CFO of the Children’s Home on Chenango Street in Hillcrest.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th.