BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Members of the Binghamton Police Benevolent Association, one of the largest local law enforcement agencies in Broome County, have voted to endorse Republican Paul Battisti in his run for Broome County District Attorney.

The Association, which represents 148 Binghamton Police officers, interviewed Battisti, Mike Korchak, and Matt Ryan last week before selecting their candidate.

In their endorsement letter to Battisti, the Binghamton PBA said, “There is no issue more important than public safety in this election. We need a District Attorney who listens to the concerns of police officers and residents, who also shares our common goal of improving public safety for every Binghamton neighborhood. We look forward to partnering with you as our next Broome County District Attorney for the next four years.”

In response, Battisti said, “Binghamton Police Officers risk their lives every day to try to make our community safer – only to see their work wasted as many cases go unprosecuted by Mike Korchak’s Office. I’m proud to have the support of the men and women in blue and, when I’m elected as District Attorney, we will refocus that office on its most important task: Keeping Broome County’s families safe.”

Four years ago, Battisti beat Korchak in the GOP primary, before Korchak ran and won as a Libertarian in the General Election.

This year’s Republican Primary will take place on June 27th, with the General Election being held on November 7th.

Battisti has received other endorsements from Broome County Sheriff Fred Akshar, Binghamton Mayor Jared Kraham, State Assemblyman Joe Angelino, former Binghamton Mayor Rich David, and others.