Why comprehensive eye exams are important

Dr Oz Eye Care
A comprehensive eye exam at Roberts Eyecare is about more than just glasses or contacts; it is about ensuring your eyes are healthy and educating patients on any ocular conditions.

Vision is one your most important senses and should be cared for as such. Just as annual physicals to evaluate overall health are important, it is important to have your eyes examined annually to ensure they are free from disease.

The eye is a fascinating organ which gives an insight to your overall health. The back of your eyes are the only place in the body where blood vessels can be observed in an undisturbed state. This is why many diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes can be diagnosed and monitored with comprehensive eye health examinations at Roberts Eyecare.

Regular eye health examinations preserve an individual’s vision through early diagnosis of diseases.

At Roberts Eyecare, we strive to have the latest technology to help care for your eyes, so make an appointment for you and your loved ones today.

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