In our office, we view every patient whom we treat as a person, not a number. Our mission is to provide the highest level of personalized care available, and we can only do that if we are free to treat you in the manner best suited to your needs. If our office were to sign up with dental insurance companies and become “in-network,” then we would be subject to what your insurance company felt was the best care for you.

Insurance companies are NOT dental physicians, and their main interest is not their members’ welfare, but rather, their financial bottom line. They encourage participating dentists to share that mentality, incentivizing them to provide unnecessary care simply because “insurance pays for it”—or, on the flip side, not recommending needed care because “insurance doesn’t pay.”

As the number of patients covered by PPO plans increase, reimbursement continues to become more restricted. What this means is that even though insurance companies have grown in popularity, the amount that they pay out on members’ policies has shrunk. In other words, they get more money from you, but pay out less. Since it is our mission to provide you with the best care for your oral health, we simply cannot accept insurance dictating the terms of that care.

It is our belief the most “cost effective” care is getting the treatment that you truly need and having it done well: nothing more and nothing less.

That being said, here is what we do:

-It is our job to be your insurance advocated and get you the maximum insurance reimbursement you are owed.

-Even though we are NOT “in-network,” we still submit to ALL major insurance companies and work on your behalf to get you the reimbursements owed to you. Insurance companies are misleading you when they claim that our office “doesn’t take your insurance.”

-Any balance that your insurance does not pay for is your responsibility. However, we have several financing options available to help you. (Please see the list below.)

-We are always willing to submit prior authorization to your insurance so that you know ahead what your plan will pay.

-Almost all “in-network” dental insurance policies provide “out-of-network” coverage that is either comparable or exactly the same as their “in-network” pricing.

-We only recommend dental work that you genuinely need, and we take the time necessary to do it well. We do not recommend treatment that is not needed to make up for low insurance reimbursement. Our focus is on quality of work, not on quantity.

Financing options:

These options are available to ALL of our patients, no matter if you have insurance or not:

1.Incentives to pay in full
2.Major Credit Cards accepted
3.In-office payment plans
4.Care credit