(Friday, April 22, 2022) We’ll take a break from the showers for the day and enjoy all the sun has to offer on this Earth Day. We’ll warm things up over the weekend, but don’t get too used to the toasty weather.

We end the week on a nicer note with a partly to mostly sunny sky expected for Earth Day. A cool breeze should persist somewhat too, especially through the first part of the afternoon.

Highs warm into the mid-50s

We haven’t had much luck with decent weather on the weekends lately, but our luck is about to change.

We’re finally going to see a couple of pretty good weather days for the weekend!

We think Sunday is going to be the pick day of the weekend due to warmer temperatures and more sun, but Saturday won’t be too bad either.

Saturday starts out dry. However, we can’t rule out passing scattered afternoon and evening showers because a warm front is lifting north over CNY. Keep an eye to the sky and on Live Doppler 9 if you have the outdoor plans.

That front is bringing the 70 and possibly near 80-degree temperatures our way for Sunday! We’re also mainly dry, so get outside and enjoy! Don’t forget the sunscreen! 

The 70s will carry over into Monday too. But, then a cold front will swing by Tuesday which will bring a weather pattern change to colder than normal temperatures. This pattern is not expected to move through at least early May unfortunately.

Friday: Mostly sunny. High mid 50s. Breezy. Wind: NW 5-15 mph. 

Friday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows in the mid 30s. Wind: Near calm.

Saturday: Mix of sun and clouds. Few passing afternoon showers possible. High upper 50s.

Sunday: Mix of sun and clouds. An isolated shower or thunderstorm is possible. High mid 70s.

Monday: Chance of some rain showers later in the day. Highs low 70s.

Tuesday: Cloudy and cooler with showers. High mid 50s.

Wednesday: Chance of showers. Cooler. High low 40s.

Thursday: Clouds and chilly .High mid 40s.