(Tuesday, January 11, 2022) We have to deal with bitter and dangerously cold temperatures Tuesday before we can catch a break in the middle of the week.  

We woke up to air temperatures near or below 0° and subzero wind chills.

Don’t expect much relief as the day goes on despite any sunshine.

The wind chill will stay around zero all afternoon.

Later Tuesday night the cold air will start to retreat.

Wednesday morning’s wake up temperatures will feel much better.

Wednesday the cold air moves out and we’ll bounce back to the mid 30s.

There is a front to our north, however we do not think the Southern Tier will see any snow from that front. 

The 30 degree weather sticks around through Thursday too. 

By the afternoon a new front will pass by with a little bit of snow and a lot of cold air again.

Friday and into the weekend we’re right back in the arctic air.

Actually, there’s a good chance we’re going to be colder than it was earlier this week!

Tuesday: Few flurries, otherwise extremely cold. High near 10. Wind Chill: 0 to 5. Wind: NW 5-10 mph.

Tuesday Night: Increasing clouds, temperatures, and wind speed. Temperatures initially drop to near 7, then rise to near 20 by sunrise. Wind shifts from the north to the southwest and increases to 10-15 mph.

Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. Not as cold. High mid 30s. 

Thursday: Mostly cloudy, then snow showers develop. High mid 30s.

Friday: Mostly sunny and colder. High upper teens.

Saturday: Chance of snow showers. High mid teens.

Sunday: Chance of snow showers. High mid 20s.

Monday (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day): Mix of sun and clouds. High near 30.