Around this time of year, you can never be too prepared for a flood. With rainy weather, sometimes floods can develop slowly over time, but often flash floods develop quickly and without warning.

The National Weather Service has some recommendations for how you can get ready for a flood in any conditions:

Have a communication plan
Make sure your family and loved ones know who to contact and where to go in the case of a flood.

Assemble an emergency kit
Make sure you have enough food, water, and medicine for at least 3 days in the case of an emergency.

Know your risk
Check to see if your home, business, or school are in a flood plain.

Sign up for notifications
The Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service provides RSS feeds for observed forecast and alert river conditions so that you can stay informed about weather emergencies.

Prepare your home
Take necessary precautions such as filling sandbags, installing check-valves in plumbing, and purchasing flood insurance before a flood occurs so that your home will be protected.

Be prepared to leave or be evacuated
If you think flooding may occur, gather the essentials in case you and your loved ones are evacuated or have to leave your home.

Stay tuned for more tips about flooding, including what to do during and after flooding occurs.

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