(Friday, December 10, 2021) Friday is a quiet and relatively mild day.

It turns much warmer, rainier, and windy Saturday followed by sunny and cooler weather Sunday. 

Friday is a fairly uneventful day. The Southern Tier actually has the best chance at seeing any sunshine Friday.

It’s a touch warmer too with highs in the 40s.

We’re in for a whirlwind of a day Saturday.

The morning starts off with a bang as a round of heavy/steady rain pushes through along a warm front.

Then, the temperatures make their quick climb into the 50s to possibly around 60 during the afternoon.

The record for December 11th in Binghamton is 60° set in 1979. We have a very good chance of tying or breaking that record.

The cold front comes through after sunset.

A line of heavy rain and possible thunder moves through during that time too.

This is when the wind really picks up.

Wind gusts could peak over 30mph at times Saturday evening and overnight.

The air behind the cold front isn’t all that cold though.

While it won’t be very warm, it’s not very chilly either with highs near 40 Sunday. The air is quite dry too so we’ll have plenty of sunshine around.

Next week stays mainly dry and unseasonably mild too!

We’re starting off the week staying in the 40s.

We have another chance of record warmth by Thursday!