Relief for farmers impacted by national disasters now available


WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) – Three billion dollars in aid is now available for farmers hit by natural disasters from 2018-2019.

Georgia Congressman Austin Scott is just one of several lawmakers urging his constituents to enroll for assistance from the United States Department of Agriculture.

“Sign up is open, sign up now,” Rep. Austin Scott (R-GA) said.

The money is now available for farmers and ranchers through the “Wildfire and Hurricane Indemnity Program Plus Signup.”

The funding came through the disaster relief package passed by Congress and signed by President Trump in early June.

Georgia Congressman Buddy Carter says this extra money can help the blueberry farmers in his district who suffered devastating losses.

“They were expecting a harvest around 90 million pounds of blueberries instead they harvested around 30 million pounds. This is why this is so important,” Rep. Buddy Carter (R-GA) said.

Many in Capitol Hill say this relief is a long time coming for farmers in need. Some even placing the blame on Congress-for holding up the funding for so long.

“The height of the debate and the discussion and the solutions have to be right here in the halls of Congress,” (R-GA) said.

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