Capitol hosts ‘She Rocks The Hill’ to inspire young women


WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Young women from around Virginia visited the U.S. Capitol as part of an event called “She Rocks The Hill.” The program was created to inspire teenage girls to develop leadership skills, learn how to get involved and speak up.  

Lawmakers welcomed young women of all ages and backgrounds to Capitol Hill. The event included Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger and women making up the record number of female leaders serving in this Congress.

“In today’s day and age where women are more in the political field, it’s amazing to see them use their voices,” said Devina Bawa, a student.

Bawa came away from the event inspired. Organizers said that’s exactly what they wanted.

“We need their opinions in health care, in government relations, in defense. We need their opinions and voices,” said Patsy Mangas, “She Rocks the World” founder.

This year, female leaders in Congress are increasing calls to improve health care for women and close the gender pay gap. But other lawmakers say the efforts can’t end there. 

“Many times students look to see who has been president and see that it is all men and say maybe that is not a path for me,” said Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Virginia).

Kaine said representation matters, and he’d like to see more women serving in office. While females make up more than half of the population they are only 25 percent of Congress. The former vice presidential nominee called on the students to become future leaders at every level, be it in their communities or all the way to the White House.

“I believe we will have a woman president soon,” Kaine said.

“It gives them something to dream about think about inspire them,” said Mangas.

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