DIMMOCK, PA (WIVT/WBGH) – A decade long lawsuit just over the border in Pennsylvania has come to an end.

Coterra Energy, formally Cabot Oil and Gas appeared at the Susquehanna County Courthouse in Montrose and plead no-contest to a misdemeanor charge, as the other 14 charges were dropped by attorney general.

Back in 2008, Coterra was drilling for natural gas in Dimock, when residents noticed a drastic drop in the quality of their drinking water.

Coterra did not admit that the pollution of the water was their fault; however, the organization accepts full responsibility.

One witness called the stand by the commonwealth said that his kids had to grow up without access to clean, and safe water.

Ray Kemble said, “I feel really vindicated that this has finally come to an end, and they had to admit that they were guilty for contaminating the water in Dimock. You know, this is the original case that we had back in 2008. This is what the AG went after so they finally had to admit guilt. And this is going to open the eyes of everybody around the world.”

Coterra has agreed to build a community water and distribution system in Dimock that will cost roughly $16.3 million.

While the water system is being constructed, the company has also agreed to distribute bottled water to households that do not have access to safe water.

One witness said that despite the years of struggling, he is hoping the organization and the community can move forward and continue to benefit one another.

Coterra released a statement saying, we are committed to being a responsible steward of the Commonwealth’s natural resources and will continue to work closely with out landowners and community leaders.