WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry invades Floyd L. Maines Arena


It was a big night over at the Floyd L. Maines Arena on Friday.

But before the Devils took the ice, one of the strongest men in the world made a guest appearance in Binghamton.

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry was on hand as a part of a great cause.

For those fans who purchased a VIP package to hang with the Hall of Famer, a portion of the proceeds was donated to Sock Out Cancer.

Henry also signed autographs for fans after the first and second periods with a donation to Sock Out Cancer requested.

Henry had an incredible career beginning in powerlifting, resulting in two Olympic Games and won the inaugural Strongman Competition.

He then went on to have a very successful stint in professional wrestling, winning a World Heavyweight title and being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last year.

Earlier in the day, we were able to talk with Henry.

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, an area not exactly known for it’s hockey, I asked Henry if he’s a fan.

He said it was because of an encounter with an NHL Hall of Famer that he was sold on the sport.

“I am, I am. I had the fortune of meeting Brett Hull in 1991 at the Olympic Festival. We were two of the hosts at the Olympic Festival. I had never really watched hockey before, and he was like ‘You have to watch it’. I was like, I mean I live in Texas, we don’t have very much hockey there. Then, shortly after that, we started getting hockey teams and I started watching, and I started realizing how fast this game was,” he said.

Hull was a member of the St. Louis Blues at the time.

However, he went on to win the Stanley Cup with the NHL’s only team from Henry’s home state, the Dallas Stars, in 1999.

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