Warriors halt Black Knights 62-52


BINGHAMTON – The night began out in Windsor as the Black Knights welcomed in the Chenango Valley Warriors.

First quarter, Windsor offense trying to set up shop.

But, Tommy Christoffersen comes up with the steal.

He’s one on one with Jack Beattie.

Absorbs the bump, gets the basket, and one.

Beattie going to work down the other way.

Couple dribbles in, pulls up, and knocks down the jumper.

More from Beattie. This time, he connects with Kalid Rought on the wing for three. And he buries it.

Ethan Reed getting in on the action.

Gets the pass, a strong take, and goes high off the glass for two.

Coming down this way, Christoffersen out to Jake Worden in the corner.

And he knocks down the tre.

More great perimeter shooting for the Warriors.

This time, it’s Max Singer from the far wing. Got it.

How about another one for Singer?

This time he knocks it down from the corner.

Behind some effective shooting and 15 points form Singer, C.V. picks up the road win, 62-52.

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