ENDICOTT, NY – Final stop of the night was at Union-Endicott as the Tigers squared off with their rivals, the Vestal Golden Bears.

Third quarter action.

Vestal’s Faith Carty gets it down to Liv Muse on the block. Power move, and flicks it in for two.

A little bit later on, same scenario.

Carty back inside to Muse. Uses her dribble, spins in, and floats it in for the finish. Vestal keeping it close.

But, here come the Tigers.

Alison DiPietro stretch pass up the floor to Neroj Barwari, and she lays it off the glass and in.

Then, Adrianna Fontana driving in, draws the foul, and one.

Sixty percent of the time it works every time.

The ball springs free here and DiPietro hustling all the way after it and gets rewarded with two.

The U-E boys got the win on Tuesday, and the girls do the same on Wednesday as they beat Vestal, 48-40.