The Section IV baseball tournaments were back in action Friday.
Let’s head over to a Class C 1st round battle.
The 7-seed, Tioga, at home to take on 10th-seeded Moravia. Winner is on to the Class C quarterfinals.

They moved the game up an hour and a half due to the weather but didn’t post it anywhere but on the district website so I got there well into this one.
5-0 Tioga in the 6th. But, Moravia trying to rally. Aiden Kelly going to the opposite field. Drops a hit down into left and the lead-off man is on for the Blue Devils.
Not for long though. Kelly trying to steal 2nd, but Max Dydynski with the rifle down to 2nd gets him by a mile.
Tioga up now. Casey Stoughton at 1st, gets a great jump, and is able to move into scoring position with the steal.
Tigers trying to drive him in here. But, Moravia’s Luke Landis comes up with the strikeout to keep the deficit at 5.
Stoughton would keep it there as he would shut the door for Tioga and help them clinch the win.

The Tigers take this one, 5-0.
Tioga now gets 2nd-seeded Lansing in the quarterfinals.
That game will be next Monday at 4:30 at Lansing.