As Lamar Jackson continues to live in contract purgatory with the Ravens after being tabbed with the non-exclusive franchise tag and requesting a trade from Baltimore, two former Patriots would like to see New England make a call to gauge Jackson’s value in Baltimore.

Chalk up former Patriots safety Devin McCourty and former Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi as two who would be in favor of New England getting in the mix for Jackson.

“You have to make a call and see,” McCourty said on ESPN’s Get Up! on Tuesday. “Like if you hear Lamar Jackson is interested in playing on your team … this guy won MVP of the league. He’s one of the rare quarterbacks that you say, ‘He is a guy.’ When he gets out there, he can go change a franchise. So you at least gotta call and say ‘Hey Baltimore, what’s up? What are we talking about here? What is it gonna take?’”

Bruschi agreed with McCourty, but doesn’t think a trade was very realistic.

“You know I think Bill [Belichick] could craft an offense with Bill O’Brien with Lamar Jackson, I think it’s possible,” Bruschi said. “I think this would be a move that’s bigger than Bill has ever made and I don’t think that’s something that I would anticipate. I don’t think this is something that would be realistic for New England. 

“I just think that, the tweet yesterday by Lamar, maybe New England can think well now, let me offer minimum what I can possibly offer for them if they want to get out of a contract or anything like that and get a distraction out of the locker room. But absolutely I agree with Dev, I mean you gotta see what’s up, you gotta see if they’ll offer that. But then … quarterbacks are sensitive people. So is Mac Jones involved in all of this? Is he a part of the deal? …There are a lot of moving parts that you’d have to fix here.”

The Jackson saga is far from over, but it seems less and less likely that the former league MVP will return to the Ravens as their starting quarterback