Lakers forward LeBron James is approaching one of the most hallowed records in sports. Every time he enters or exits a room, or breathes, or tweets, it's news.

As if on cue in this period of LeBron saturation, a simple musing from James Sunday evening set the internet on fire.

"Maybe it's me," James tweeted, with no other context or explanation.

The timing of the tweet immediately invited speculation. Hours earlier, the Nets traded guard Kyrie Irving to the Mavericks. Irving, a teammates of James's on the Cavaliers for three seasons from 2015-17, has a famously frosty relationship with James.

Later, Marc Stein reported that Los Angeles was Irving's preferred destination, but Brooklyn owner Joe Tsai went out of his way to trade him elsewhere.

Whatever James had in mind as he sits 36 points shy of Hall of Fame center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's all-time scoring mark, the world will be intently watching.