Anyone who has been to a Philadelphia Eagles game over the years knows that Eagles fans can get wild. But in case you needed a reminder, the Monday Night Football cameras caught one Eagles fan in Tampa finding a hilarious way to drink during the game, quickly becoming a viral sensation in the process.

With two babies snuggled against her chest, the fan is seen pouring what appears to be red wine from a coffee cup into a glass to drink as she attempts to cheer on the Eagles. That somehow one-upped the man in front of her, who was wearing a green Eagles hardhat with a mechanical eagle on top.

Take a look at the true MVP of an otherwise-unexciting Eagles-Bucs Eshowdown. 

Fans absolutely loved the woman’s dedication to watching her favorite team.

It may only be Week 3, but I think we can all agree that this deserves a nomination for Fan of the Year, right?