Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett was involved in a concerning scene during the third quarter of the Week 4 matchup with the Texans. On 4th and 1, Pickett attempted to evade pressure and was instead wrapped up and brought down, immediately grabbing for his knee.

Multiple additional angles of the video, and still shots of the play and Pickett after the play came to light shortly after, and it was apparent the quarterback was in serious pain.

As seen in the video below at the very end Pickett went down and appeared to quickly reach for his knee area.

Here’s another angle on the play and injury to Pickett below, which again points to the concern of a potential knee injury.

Pickett remained down and the photo below shows the viewpoint of trainers on the field with the Pittsburgh quarterback after suffering what appeared to be a knee injury.

In an update shortly after, Pickett was ruled out for the remainder of game with a knee injury, as ESPN’s Brooke Pryor reported.