With the Cowboys trending on Sunday following an upset road loss to the Cardinals, it was only a matter of time before Stephen A. Smith weighed in with his latest roast for his longtime nemesis.

Typically, Smith, who’s arguably the club’s most famous critic, has saved some of his most over-the-top responses to big Cowboys losses for his ESPN show, First Take. But after watching Dallas fall 28–16 to lowly Arizona, the sports journalist was clearly eager to get the ball rolling. 

In a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), Smith opened things with a deadpan look into the camera before breaking out in uncontrollable laughter.

"You know,” Smith began, “They’re just the gift that keeps on giving, you know? … I keep trying to tell y’all, y’all wouldn’t listen.”

Smith, of course, wasn’t done there as he mocked Cowboys fans excited over the team’s lopsided first two wins. He then blasted Dallas for taking its first L at the hands of a lesser team than the division rival Eagles, who happen to be one of his favorite squads.

“They didn’t even lose to an eagle, they lost to a cardinal,” Smith said before resuming his laugh. “See you tomorrow on First Take, ya hear?”

Given the optics of Sunday’s defeat, it’s safe to say that the Cowboys haven’t escaped Smith’s fury. And if his past tirades are any indication, Monday’s First Take could be another one for the books.