S.V. Sabers dominate C.V. Warriors 65-36


BINGHAMTON – The C.V. Warriors welcoming in the Susquehanna Valley Sabers.

First quarter, Sophie Keehle up the floor.

Charge or block?

Neither, it’s two points for Keehle.

More of the same from Keehle.

Gets down the court quick and lays it up and in.

Warriors trailed 8-0 before they got the offense rolling.

Maddy Trisket one bounce and goes off the glass for the basket.

Then, ball is worked to Trisket again.

This time, she drives and is able to get a kind roll on the fade away.

She led C.V. with 12 points.

Emily Goodstal going to work on the block.

A couple of fakes each way and finally goes up with it for two.

She finds the ball again on the far side.

Muscles up a shot while being fouled that even she can’t believe went in.

Great effort by Goodstal.

Back to S.V.

Haven’t heard from Keehle in a while.

Checking in now, she’s chilling in the corner.

Gets the ball, and buries the three.

Now, Keehle dishing out assists too.

Gwendolyn Payne with a three of her own.

Emily Repp in the paint.

Faces basket, takes it in, and finishes with the lefty layup.

Behind 16 points from Keehle, S.V. wins it, 65-36.

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