BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – It is a good day in Rumble Town as the double-A baseball season is just a few days away from beginning.

The Binghamton Rumble Ponies have arrived after spring training down in Florida as the group prepares for their 2023 opener on Thursday.

The Ponies bring in a roster that has a nice mix of minor league veterans and young talent trying to make their way through the system and up to the major leagues.

As the New York Mets double-A affiliate, the team is responsible for getting the prospects ready to play at the big-league level, something that second year manager Reid Brignac emphasizes during practice, but the team knows that when they take the field on gameday, their job is to win baseball games.

“Everything revolves around these players, right?” Brignac said. “So, whatever these players are developing on, whatever their goals are, that we, as an organization and the players have put together, that’s what our emphasis is on whenever we’re practicing. Our practice schedule is based around their development, but when the lights turn on, and the lines are chalked, we’re going out there to play some games and win some baseball games.”

Winning games are exactly what these Rumble Ponies are hoping to do after struggling throughout the year in 2022 to find their rhythm on the diamond.

But going into this year, the team knows that regardless of how the opening day roster is made up, the team has a job to do, and that is finding success on gameday.

“Whether you start with a lot of prospects or end with a lot of prospects or never really get those guys,” Rumble Ponies First Baseman JT Schwartz said. “Obviously, it’s great from a talent perspective, but at the end of the day, the guys that are here are gonna be here to win, I think we have a great group in that clubhouse.”

The Ponies only have a couple of days to get set for that season opener.

It will be a trip up North, to visit the Boston Red Sox double-A affiliate, the Portland Sea Dogs with games Thursday through Saturday.

The season then really gets going on Tuesday when the Rumble Ponies will open at home, hosting the Somerset Patriots, the New York Yankees affiliate for their first full series of the season.