BINGHAMTON, NY – It might be the last week in January, but tonight, we’re talking baseball.

Despite the ongoing lockout with Major League Baseball, Binghamton will still see baseball come the spring.

While quiet and empty now, soon enough, Mirabito Stadium will be filled with fans waiting to see the Binghamton Rumble Ponies take the field.

With the uncertainty of whether or not there will be an MLB season, this might be the best chance for fans of the game to see it live.

This year’s team will be led by a new manager, former big leaguer Reid Brignac.

Having retired from a nine year playing career in 2018, Brignac made the transition to a managerial position with High-A Columbia in 2020 before becoming the skipper in St. Lucie last season.

In only his third year of managing, Brignac has made it to the Double-A level, and says that he’ll strive to get better each and every day during his time in Binghamton.

“You’ve got to grind. You’ve got to put your nose down. You’ve got to work hard. You’ve got to be there. You’ve got to be present every day. As the manager, I’m the leader of the clubhouse. So, I have to make sure that, mentally, I’m in the right spot every day. Making sure that I’m building the relationships with my players, making them feel comfortable when they come to the clubhouse so I can get the most out of them on a daily basis,” he says.

Brignac will begin to build those relationships during spring training before the Ponies 2022 season gets underway April 8th at Hartford.