The game of golf literally translates as a drive for one PGA golfer- a drive that takes him and his family from one tournament to the next in an RV.

It is the PGA Championship week at Oak Hill Country Club and pro-golfer Jimmy Walker and his family have a daily routine.

“We will get showered and get ready and get the kids out the door and get them to daycare and run to the course and play and watch golf,” his wife Erin said.

It is not always the smoothest ride, but the Walker family would not want it any other way. For Jimmy and his wife life on the road is all they know.

“I think people think it’s glamorous and we don’t dress up that much. We wear T-shirts and jeans and I don’t remember the last time I put on heels,” she said.

The Walkers live in a small town outside of San Antonio, Texas. When it is time to tour most pros rent houses or stay in hotels, but Jimmy, Erin and their two little boys prefer the family RV, even with its quirks.

“You have to be a little bit adventurous to live in one of these because something is always wrong and you have to want to be able to fix things and you have to want to be able to make your own bed because we don’t have a maid like you would in a hotel,” Erin said.

But their home on wheels also has its perks. Erin says you can cook for yourself, down your own laundry and sleep in your own bed.

“The kids feel really comfortable here which is worth everything,” she said.

The Walker family travels to Greensboro, North Carolina next. It is an unusual week for them. They will be staying in a hotel. In fact, Erin says she is sad to leave the RV behind.