It took almost seven hours, but the rain finally stopped at Oak Hill around noon. Mother Nature decided to back down and let the fans put down their umbrellas.

The rain started early Friday morning around 3:30 a.m. Fans came out early Friday morning to see their favorite pros warming up on the practice driving range. Crowds were smaller than usual as fans watched Phil Mickelson practice. Umbrellas covered the area but the rain did not delay the start of play but it has been an inconvenience for fans all day. Some people say although it was raining, seeing round two of the PGA Championship is an experience of a lifetime.

One fan says no matter if it is rain, sleet or snow, he loves golf and would not miss this for the world.

“This rain doesn’t look like it is stopping you,” I said to some.

“Not at all. I came out here to watch some great golfers play golf and see what can happen today that’s all,” said Tom Suto.

“Do you mind the rain,” I asked Nancy Lokes.

“Well, I am not going to sweat,” she replied.

“No, we don’t mind it. It would be nice if it was sunny but we will deal with it and enjoy the tournament,” said Colin Cole.

It looks like fans will be able to trade in the rain gear and bring out the sunglasses for the weekend.