Oak Hill Country Club is a huge place, and when you come out here, unless you have been here before, you are probably going to be confused as to what do and where to go.

Who better to give a tour of Oak Hill Country Club than the club president himself. Ron Pluto says golf fans will notice things are different right away.

“One of the changes that we incorporated into this tournament versus 2003 is we have a whole new spectator entrance. We have a bus loop that brings fans right into the top of the golf course and country club area, and when they get off the bus they can overlook the whole country club and the practice area and it’s quite an exciting entrance,” he said.

To get close to the pros, the practice area is where you want to be.

“They get to watch the players up close. They get to see them practice and hit shots that they like to emulate themselves. They may get a chance to get an autograph or they may get a chance to high-five one of the players, say hello,” Pluto said.

Pluto has a couple of personal favorites he thinks fans will enjoy.

“What makes hole number 13 a fan favorite,” I asked him.

“The setup of hole 13 is an ampitheater kind of setup. Fans will be surrounding the green. It’s a later hole in the tournament so it’s going to be an exciting finishing hole. They can see a lot of the shots coming down” he replied.

And you must see where the PGA championship is often won or lost.

“Finally we are at the 18th hole. How challenging is this hole for players when they are about to finish up,” I asked.

“I think both 17th and 18th are both challenging finishing holes. They are both over 500 yards and then coming down to the end of the tournament, you have to make a certain shot; it’s going to be very telling and your nerves are going to be tight right about then,” Pluto replied.