Tens of thousands of golf fans walk through the Gates of Oak hill each day. That is why security makes safety a number one priority before people even get on the grounds.

“Some of the things that you aren’t allowed to bring on property are weapons of any kind of course, goes without saying, any food or beverage, any bags larger than 10 by 10, backpacks are not permitted,” Major Lou Tomassetti said.

Multiple agencies like the Monroe County Sheriff’s office, New York State Police and the FBI surround the country club.

“A lot of work goes into this. Almost two years worth as a matter of fact. Multiple meetings, planning, we look at past plans; we had the PGA here of course ten years ago; we look at what worked well, what didn’t work so well and we work off that plan,” Tomassetti said.

The Oak Hill security plan became even more detailed after the Boston marathon bombings.

“A little more awareness because of that. We are paying more attention to certain items that are being left unattended. Trying to get the message out to the public if you are at an event like this, do not leave any type of packages unattended. It does raise awareness for us in those type of items,” State Police office Rick Allen.

The security plan also includes the safety of the pro golfers.

“We have people walking with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson all week. On the weekend we will have security and State Police and sheriff deputies with the final five groups along with Tiger and Phil,” Allen said.

There will also be officers watching that you will not see on the golf course.

“There’s a very large public safety law enforcement presence here but not all of it will be obvious because you know what we don’t want to have an overbearing presence here. We want people to relax and enjoy themselves,” Tomassetti said.

If you see anything suspicious on-site or off-site, security says please report it because that is what they are here.