Fans Ecstatic Over Dufner Win

We were standing at hole 18 when Jason Dufner won the championship. The amount of fans crowding the hole was astounding. The people we talked to were rooting for him the entire time.

“I think you can see it in their faces when they come up and hold hats to the Garry and smiling they’re doing it for enjoyment of the game,” Jack Shuttleworth said.

It was a moment of silence for Jason Dufner as took his last swing, and the reaction was eruptive when fans learned he won the PGA Championship. Thousands of people were swarming hole 18 for as far as the eye can see. 

“Hats off to Dufner, he was solid all day and hung in there really showed he had what it takes to win a major first one; congrats to him,” Shuttleworth said.

The superstar pros most definitely get rewarded for their hard work and it is not only bragging rights. The total purse is $8 million. Fans say Dufner was poised throughout and deserves it. It is impressive to keep your cool when you know that much is on the line.

“I thought it was fantastic; guy so low key, rough finish two years ago; this year, jerk it smooth the fact that he closed it out is a big deal,” Tom Spitz said.

Every year the winning check pales in comparison to potential endorsement deals. When Justin rose win his first major Forbes magazine estimated a trigger in $5 to $10 million windfall.

“Tiger Woods makes way more on endorsements. This will obviously increase Dufners endorsements and I’m happy for him,” Jonathan Cleek said.

The fans we talked to say this experience was truly a dream come true for them.

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