At the PGA, thousands of volunteers make sure things run smoothly. They come from across the country and beyond. But there is one special man who has been around for quite some time.

“I’m not going to live forever but I’m going to try,” veteran volunteer Don Welt said.

Meet 90-year-old Don Welt, one of the oldest volunteers at the 95th PGA Championship. Don has probably seen more golf in his lifetime than all the players on the tour combined, and he keeps coming back to help with Oak Hill’s majors.

“It’s always interesting to meet people like you and everybody else around,” he said.

Don is working the information booth on hole 4.

“The excitement of the crowds and it’s really good for Rochester and Oak Hill as well,” he said.

The Pittsford native has been a member of Oak Hill since 1975. He served as marshal for the ’95 Ryder Cup and again for the PGA Championship in 2003. Don cannot believe how many people are here this time.

“It’s never been anything like this. I have been to these things before but never a mob like this. This is unreal,” he said.

“Do you still golf,” I asked him.

“Oh yeah. I’m a nine-holer now. I always take a scorecard but I only put the score down if I have a bogey or a par and those only come on the par threes,” he responded.

If Oak Hill Country Club gets another crack at a major, Don plans to be here too.