The Buffalo Bills’ “Quarterback Wheel of Fortune” keeps coming up empty in 2018.

Rookie quarterback Josh Allen is injured with a sprained elbow. The Bills then signed journeyman quarterback Derek Anderson, only to have him go down with a concussion in his second start.

On Wednesday, the Bills added Matt Barkley to the roster to likely be the backup quarterback this weekend against the Chicago Bears.

With Barkley as the backup, that leaves Nathan Peterman as the likely starter.

Over the two seasons of his career, Peterman has started three games and finished none of them. He was benched for poor play twice, and suffered a concussion in the other game.

Peterman’s 84 career passes in the regular season and playoffs have been caught 38 times by the Bills, 10 times by opponents.

Even with all that adversity, Peterman is still confident in his ability and his demeanor has not changed.

“It’s life, I mean if anybody here has been through a bunch of perfect things in their life and nothing’s ever gone wrong, I’m extremely happy for you, but that doesn’t happen very much to the people I know and obviously me,” said Peterman after practice on Wednesday. “I’m thankful for all the opportunities I’ve been through, all the lessons I’ve learned. I’m ready to be better from them.”

News that Peterman will likely start against the Bears and their star pass rusher Khalil Mack is one reason why Las Vegas has moved the betting line in favor of the Bears by 9.5 to 10 points.

“Football is football,” said Peterman. “The ball bounces your way sometimes and it doesn’t other times. Mistakes are in the past; I’ve learned from them and taken them to heart for sure. I’ll never forget them, but I’ve learned from them and I’ll move on.”