BINGHAMTON, NY – We begin at Chenango Valley High School as the Warriors girl’s team hosted the Binghamton Patriots.

Opening quarter, Binghamton ball.

Long cross-court pass followed by a long three-point shot.

And the bank working longer holiday hours as that one’s good by Promise Myers.

Mariah Conklin flying up the far side.

Slings it back for Mariah Luke who goes off the glass and in.

Patriots trying to add to their lead.

But, Maddie Trisket says I’ll take that.

The steal and then takes it all the way to the hoop for the finish.

More from Trisket. Big rejection on Meadow Fann.

Emily Goodstal down court to Allyson O’Connor.

Calmly moves to the basket and able to pick up two.

While Fann got denied there, she and the Patriots would get the last laugh.

Fann buries a three from the wing there.

Binghamton trailed heading into the 4th quarter.

But, the Patriots surge back and get the win, 61-51.