While my coverage last week was predominantly focused on the America East Softball Tournament, I was still able to gather some good highlights to turn around for this.
It’s time for this week’s NewsChannel 34 Sports Plays of the Week.

Number 5, last Friday. UMass Lowell’s Olivia Labbe pops that one into foul territory. Quinn DeCicco tracks it and makes the grab against the netting in front of the BU dugout.
Number 4, hard hit grounder to right field. Chloe Morgan scoops it up and fires it home. Hailey Ehlers makes the tag to get the runner at the plate. Morgan with a strike to pick up the outfield assist. Big tourney for her.
Number 3, a brief reprieve from softball. Seton’s Rory Callahan moves in and picks up the leaping goal against Whitney Point.
Callahan with the fake to get by the defender and hangs in to get the shot off knowing the hit was coming.
Number 2, back to the diamond. That looks like a hit for sure. But, how about Sarah Rende? Hustling in to make the diving grab.
I thought for sure that was dropping at the time. But, Rende comes swooping in and takes a hit away from the Hawks.
And number 1, a no-brainer here. Season on the line for the Bearcats and Alex Musial with the walk-off, two-run home run in the bottom of the 8th inning.
Musial with her 1st career walk-off homer and it couldn’t have come at a better time for the junior.
She’s rewarded by getting mobbed at the plate and then gets the shower during our postgame interview.
It was a heck of a ride for BU, and a heck of a segment for them here too as they get 4 of the top 5 plays of the week.