It’s time we wrap up the 2021 high school fall sports season, so tonight we’re going to do just that.

I haven’t had a segment like this in a little over a month, but this seems like a fitting time to bring it back.

Let’s see the best-of-the-best that fall sports had to offer in a special edition of NewsChannel 34 Sports plays of the week.

Number 5, and Week 5 of the football season.

Windsor’s Jimmy Lindsley rolling left.

To the sideline for KJ Hagley, and an acrobatic tip-toe catch.

Hagley with a little toe drag swag. What a catch and what a start to the countdown.

Number 4, same field, different sport.

Whitney Point field hockey star Brenna Bough just carving up the Windsor defense, complete with a goalie deke and finish.

An absolutely incredible talent in an area filled with top tier players.

Just named a National Field Hockey Coaches Association All-Region team member.

Number 3, boy’s soccer.

Final minute of the game between Owego and Vestal.

Owego’s Yuri Brich putting the moves on the Vestal defender and scoring what would be the game-winning goal.

Just sensational moves, including a nutmeg, and pounds it home to give Owego a 2-1 win.

Number 2, and timing is everything.

And this was an incredible time for Michael Mancini to have his best run of the season.

Spin moves one defender.

Bulls over another, and takes off for the go-ahead touchdown.

This coming in the Class B state championship game, and speaking of state champions.

That leads us right into #1, and it’s a joint effort.

This one is for the four teams from Section IV that went on to win New York state championships this fall.

The first was Whitney Point field hockey winning the Class C championship back in mid-November, a 6-1 beat down of Hoosick Falls in the finals.

That’s six of the last seven for the Eagles.

And, of course, we have the three football state champs.

Maine-Endwell taking out Pleasantville in Class B, Chenango Forks shutting out Schuylerville in Class C, and Tioga closing out a perfect season with a win over Moriah in Class D.

Congratulations to our state champions, and all the fall student-athletes.

I can’t wait to see what the winter season has in store.