NewsChannel 34 Sports Plays of the Week, 6/14/21


For the final time this season, let’s check out NewsChannel 34 Sports Plays of the Week.

Number 5, Seton and Forks baseball.

A liner that looked destined for the gap is gobbled up by Saints centerfielder Joe Burke.

Burke going left and finishes with the barrel roll.

Solid grab that helped the Saints move on to the Class B semifinals.

Number 4, JC and M-E boys lacrosse.

Christian Nester with a pair of nifty one-handed cradles and then shoots a laser into the back of the goal.

Beautiful moves by Nester that works on not one but two Spartan defenders.

They would get the last laugh though as M-E went on to win the game.

Number 3, Whitney Point’s Brenna Bough with some impressive moves of her own.

Puts the Seton defender in the spin cycle then gets to goal and scores to top it all off.

Bough and the Eagles would bring home the Class D girls lacrosse section championship with a win in this one.

We’ve got some web gems to finish off this list.

Starting at 2, and it’s a Windsor double play if you will.

Anna Finn ranging back and makes the nice basket catch.

Then, it’s Allison Radicchi out in right.

Coming in hot and makes the diving grab to steal a base hit away.

But, number 1 is an absolute beauty.

Vestal’s Kendall Brady from out of nowhere with the full send grab out in centerfield.

Full extension by Brady and is able to corrale it in.

A very worth top play to end the season.

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