It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to run this segment.

Missing 6 weeks means missing out on a lot of content, so I was able to gather some highlights last week that allowed me to run this tonight.

After a lengthy absence, it’s time again for NewsChannel 34 Sports Plays of the Week.

Number 5, Seton girls lacrosse.

Peep Williams coming out from behind the cage. Trying to find a lane, nice jump step, able to make some space, and bounces home the goal.

Williams making that play look too easy.

Number 4, CV boys lax.

Dominic Bevilacqua just bulldozing his way towards the net and then fires one low for the goal.

That’s all strength to start, and then skill to finish for the junior.

Number 3, we’ve seen some scorers, now let’s give the goalies some love.

Two nice stops here. The first by Owego’s Shannon Maslin.

Then, Windsor’s Garrett Bidwell robs CV’s Tyler Kropp on a close scoring attempt.

Number 2, back to goals and more from Windsor.

This bouncer from Mason McCombs is ridiculous.

As someone who never played lacrosse, I can appreciate how insanely tough this shot is to get that kind of spin and curl it into the goal like that. Outstanding goal by the sophomore.

And number 1, CV free position, and Sophia Sullivan chooses the path of most resistance, but she loves it.

Hits the Owego defense with not one but two spin moves, then the truck stick, and finally the bouncer right up under the crossbar.

Sullivan pulling out all the stops on this goal. Very impressive effort from the senior.

While Owego may have gotten the win in that one, Sullivan takes home this week’s top play.