NewsChannel 34 Sports Plays of the Week, 4/5/21


Another week in the books, and a time to take a look at the best plays to come out of it.

Let’s kick off this new week with a look at NewsChannel 34 Sports Plays of the Week.

Number 5 this week comes from Vestal field hockey.

The Golden Bears’ Megan Barnard with the leaping tomahawk chop to keep the ball out of the goal cage.

Gotta take another look in slow-mo to really appreciate it.

Barnard had to act quick as Greene had a player right in front to knock the ball in if she doesn’t make contact.

Number 4, Chenango Forks football from Saturday.

Lucas Scott had a massive day against Susquehanna Valley.

This was one of his 4 touchdowns in the game.

Jukes out one defender and then purposely waits for the 2nd to come by just so he can toss him out of the way.

Savage move by Scott.

More from this game and him later.

Number 3, Maine-Endwell girls swimming.

Maria Pignatelli with an outstanding race in the 100 Butterfly.

She absolutely blew away the competition, winning with a time of 59.85, finishing nearly 12 seconds ahead of the 2nd place finisher.

She also came in just over a second higher than her pool record which stands at 58.40.

On to number 2, CV and Seton girls soccer.

The give-and-go with Kerri Hayes and Bridgette Turner is denied by Christa Schanbacher.

Great look for Turner.

But, Schanbacher makes the block, then dives on the loose ball.

Second straight week Seton girls soccer has cracked the top 2 plays.

But, number 1 this week goes to Lucas Scott.

More from the Forks all-purpose guy.

The amount of broken tackles by Scott here is absolutely absurd.

Let’s run this one back and count ’em out….

He rumbles down the sideline.

Looked like he was going to take it all the way.

Eventually gets caught.

But, it’s an 81-yard rush.

Forks gets the win, and Scott gets this week’s top play.

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