NewsChannel 34 Sports Plays of the Week: 2021 high school season, 6/23/21


This week marks our first full week without any high school sports.

It seems like as soon as sports got back underway in the new year, they came fast and furious until June.

We saw an unprecedented amount of games in a wide variety of sports in a tremendously short period of time.

But, even though it was chaotic at times, it was still a blast being back out covering these student-athletes.

And with all those games attended, it gave me a chance to rack up some impressive highlights every week.

So, for the final time until the fall, I present to you the 2021 high school sports season plays of the week.

Number 5, and we go back to mid-April and Johnson City football.

Jahvir Brown goes up for the tip, and Corey Casteline comes down with the football.

As soon as I saw this one I knew it would find it’s way into the final top plays.

Perfectly timed jump by Brown to knock it away and Casteline in the right place at the right time for the interception. That’s why you practice the tip drill.

Number 4 comes a couple weeks later at the beginning of the spring sports season.

Maine-Endwell’s Aiden McHugh gets real fancy on this play.

Takes on 3 different JC defenders throughout and then a couple dekes and a goal as the cherry on top.

Outstanding moves.

Number 3, from mid-May.

Vestal’s Alex Thrasher with about as sweet a goal as you’re going to see in lacrosse as he goes over his back shoulder with the shot.

Beautiful finish, and of course, got to have a big celebration after that one.

Number 2, this one coming from late March and it’s Seton Catholic Central’s Erin Derr with a gorgeous goal on a direct kick.

I mean, seriously.

Look at this kick.

Gets some ridiculous bend on it, never gives the keeper a chance, and this one was another no-brainer to see back in the season finale of top plays.

But, number 1 for the season comes from just 2 weeks ago.

Vestal softball’s Kendall Brady finding out she can fly as she somehow tracks down that blooper.

The full extension, able to hang on through contact with the ground, and plenty of reason for Brady to be all smiles after that catch.

So, Brady will hold on to the plays of the week top play crown until the fall.

Looking forward to seeing which play is going to take over the throne come then.

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