After winter breaks slowed down the high school sports scene last week, things should get back to normal.
Tuesday evening is littered with games across the area, so that will help fill up this segment come next Monday.

Despite working with a light schedule, I give you NewsChannel 34 Sports Plays of the Week.

Number 5, CV’s Emily Goodstal with the steal.

Nice no-look bounce pass down to Allyson O’Connor on the block. And O’Connor with the feed back to Goodstal for the bucket.

Number 4, CV boys now.

Donovan Tomm, weaves his way through the defense, Euro steps, and lays it up and in.

Tomm showing pass with his eyes, but then glides through everyone to get the finish.

Number 3, Vestal’s Carmella DiRenzo to Erica Fitch, and she knocks down the short buzzer beater at the end of the 1st quarter.

You know I Iove a good buzzer beater, and Fitch delivers in the clutch for her team there.

Number 2, and we’re back to the CV boys team and it’s Riley Spencer.

Spencer Eurosteps through and then the big scoop shot finish.

This kid has been absolutely incredible for the Warriors so far this season, and this is an example of one of the many things he brings to the table.

And number 1, normally I don’t include pro sports, local or not, in this segment.

But, didn’t have many games to work with and this was well deserved.

Nikita Ivashkin of the Binghamton Black Bears had himself a night last Wednesday as the Russian winger netted a hat trick in the Black Bears 7-5 win over Danbury.

Ivashkin leads the FPHL with 27 goals on the season.

And now he can add a top play to the resume.