GLENDALE, ARIZONA (WIVT/WBGH) – According to a study by, the majority of New Yorkers are rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl 57.

The company used geotagged Twitter data from Sunday, January 29th (right after the matchup was set) until today.

It tracked official fan hashtags in each state and tallied up the totals. For example, #ChiefsKingdom and #FlyEaglesFly.

Over 217,000 tweets were tracked.

The Eagles have the nationwide fandom edge as 28 states are reportedly rooting for them, with 22 for the Chiefs.

Deciding who to root for is a split decision for New Yorkers. New York Giants fans are likely to root against their division rivals, the Eagles, but Buffalo Bills fans are likely rooting against the Chiefs, their recent AFC kryptonite.

Check out the full US map below.


Learn more about how geotagged tweets are tracked here.