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Vestal Football Preview

VESTAL, NY - The next chapter in our football previews keeps us in Class A. Before, we saw Union-Endicott and how they're preparing to defend their section title.

Now, we'll take a peek at their only remaining competition at the Class A level, the Vestal Golden Bears.

"My big word is accountability. We're just trying to be accountable in every aspect. From the classroom to off the field as student-athletes. And that's really resonated, it applies to everything that we're doing."

If the Vestal High School football team has learned anything about their new head coach, it's that Tony Policare III knows how to do his job, and he expects you to do yours.

As you just heard, Policare believes in everyone being accountable for what they do. That means both on the field and off of it.

That's something that the team has already embraced in the short time he's been here.

Vestal Head Coach Tony Policare says, "Things are going great. I really enjoy the atmosphere and the kids in this program, representing Vestal. The kids have really bought in, and I really enjoy being a part of this proud tradition of the Vestal Golden Bears."

That tradition gets underway this coming Saturday as Vestal prepares for their week one road game against Horseheads.

With it being game week, coach Policare gave me some insight as to what we can all expect out of the Blue Raiders.

Vestal Head Coach Tony Policare says, "Class Double-A team, nice program. A program on the rise, they have an outstanding JV program. They're a well-coached team. They've got a lot of good athletes. Hopefully, we can match up and do well. We've got to have the running game Vestal's been known for, and hopefully play sound defense and special teams. But, it's always a challenge, opening week. We're on the road, we're on grass, it's not turf. There's a lot of things that could be something to take our minds off it. But, we're all focused on Horseheads and completely committed to playing them the best we can."

Obviously, a win in week one would be a big plus for Vestal. However, the team has something even bigger in mind for this season.

Vestal Head Coach Tony Policare says, "Our goal as a team, obviously, we're going to try and start with week one. But, that's the coaches speaking. In reality, we want to see sectionals. We haven't won the sectional in 16 years. That's not something that's traditional with Vestal. We've come here for a reason, we've come here to play. We want to win a championship. Bold statement. I didn't come here to coach the team. I came here to build the program, number one. And we're going to hopefully win a championship here."

It may be a week-by-week process, but add them all together, and it also may mean the end of the long drought the Vestal football program has been waiting for.

Vestal travels to Horseheads on Saturday to begin their season.    Kick-off is at 1:30.

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