BINGHAMTON, NY – The Stop DWI Tournament of Champions hosted by Blue Chip Softball returns to the area for its 25th year.

The annual softball tournament features 70 teams competing across different age groups.

Teams will come in from across the country to compete from as far as Florida.

The preliminary rounds will take place Friday and Saturday with elimination bracket play taking place on Sunday.

The tournament will also play host to 50 college scouts and counting as they search for potential recruits.

Tournament Director, Lou Bishop, says this is a great opportunity for the local players to gage their skills.

“Well first they get to see competition that some of them have never seen before,” Bishop said. “Which is a good parameter for them as far as where they want to go, what level they could be at or what level they aspire to be at.”

The events will feature multiple teams from the area, which Bishop called a hotbed for softball citing the number of section IV teams that made it to the state championships this past spring.