BINGHAMTON, NY – Peep Williams, recent graduate of Seton Catholic, has been named a finalist for the USA Today High School Sports Award Girls Lacrosse Player of the Year for her efforts with the Saints this season.

Williams was one of 24 to be honored with the nomination, one of just 4 from all of New York State, something she was happy to accomplish.

“This was all about, what have you done in the past, what have you done for me lately?” Williams said. “So, I was really excited to see that my high school efforts and how I play for Seton Catholic, was finally recognized.”

Williams made a huge impact on her team, not just on the stat sheet, but as a leader as well.

“Oh she was just a leader and they clearly all looked up to her too,” Alex Walsh, head coach at Seton Catholic said. “And she didn’t take it as the coaches role, she took it as I’m just another player.”

That “just another player” approach led Williams to being one of the most dominant in section four, which could turn into an award beyond what she envisioned.

“Is that just making that list of that top 24 is something I could have never dreamed of,” Williams said. “So I’m just happy to be on it, you know what I mean? If I won I’d be ecstatic, but it’s the little steps, you know, just the little things.”

The winner of the award will be announced on July 31st.