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Mother nature wrecked havoc on the area and weather was the Tuesday’s dominating story line at the Dick’s Sporting Goods Open. Who better to talk to than the man everyone turns to in dicey weather?

Sarah Tranelli talked to meteorologist Willis Young about his role each week on Tour.

Willis Young: “Our job really is to let tournament officials know what’s going to happen that week. If we have rain in the forecast like this week it’s very important for them to know not only when it’s going to start but how much rain we are going to get and when they can get out and work on the golf course to get it prepared for the weekend.”

Sarah Tranelli: “What are the things that you are monitoring hour by hour and who are you in communication with on a daily basis?”

Young: “We are constantly monitoring the radar and also looking at data to predict lightening and to see where lightening is occuring. Fortunately today we haven’t had much lightening, but I’m in direct communication with the the Champions Tour tournament director, Gene Smith. Ultimately it’s their decision if they need to get everybody off the golf course. I’ll let them know that we are in a dangerous situation but it’s their call whether to blow the horns or not.”

Tranelli: “What are the biggest challenges in predicting weather?”

Young: “Here is a little bit different than say in the midwest, particularly if we are near the beach, you have different weather patterns than if you are in the mountains. You have different wind patterns and how storms develop. Every where we go is a little bit unique. We need to keep an eye on that and at the same time remember the overall weather pattern that we are in.”

It’s a job that carries a lot of responsibility, but Weather Willis is up for the task.

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