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Athlete of the Week: The L'Amoreaux sisters

ENDWELL, N.Y. - If you have a sibling, you know how much fun it can be playing sports together.

Whether it be kicking around the soccer ball in the back yard, or shooting some hoops in the driveway.

Well, for my two Athletes of the Week, they get to play together in games that count for more than just bragging rights.

"They're athletes that you don't have to worry about once they leave the gym. They're either working out somewhere else, training with other players, working on any sports. But, better than that, they're great student athletes," said Maine-Endwell head coach Brianna Thompson.

It was double trouble last Friday night if you were Ithaca, as Ally and Kaety L'Amoreaux combined to hang 43 points on the Little Red in a 57-52 Spartans win.

Ally, a junior, and Kaety, in 8th grade, obviously have great chemistry on the court, having grown up together.

Ally says that having her little sister on the team has it's up's and down's. But, overall, she's happy to have her there.

"It's been a challenge. But, she pushes me. I'm so comfortable with her, it's great. We usually end up guarding each other. Although we might argue a lot, it's just really nice to have someone that you can be a little bit more physical with, because you know that she still has to love you no matter what," Ally said.

As for Kaety, she's got nothing but love for her big sis.

"I love it, honestly. We might argue a little bit. But, I know she's just trying to make me a better person, on and off the court, and she's the best. It's just one of the best things," Kaety says.

M-E head coach Brianna Thompson is in her first year with the Spartans, but she knows how big of an impact Ally has on the squad.

"Ally's a team leader. She's been in the position for quite awhile. She knows the physicality of the game. She knows player profile. She knows what it takes to lead her team. And when she needs to step it up, she can step it up and she'll help our team win."

Thompson believes that Kaety's drive to succeed is one of the biggest reason's she's made it to varsity as an 8th grader.

"She hates to lose. She's an emotional player with that on her shoulders, and she wants so badly for her whole team to win. She will leave it all out there on that court."

Of course, there's always a bit of a sibling rivalry, no matter how old you get.

So, naturally, I tried to stir the pot a bit and see who they thought the better player on the court was.

"So, as far as shooting."


"Probably, probably me."


"I'd say it's pretty equal."


"Ball handling."


"Probably me. But, she just sometimes carries it down the court really well."


"Me. I'm going to give this one to me."

"Probably her."

So, by Kaety's count, she has the edge in all but one category.

But, if you ask me, they're both dynamic in their own particular styles, and the Spartans are certainly glad they don't have to choose between the two.

After a game in Horseheads Tuesday, you can catch the L'Amoreaux sisters and Maine-Endwell back home on Friday against Union-Endicott.

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