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Athlete of the Week: Matt Thrasher

VESTAL, N.Y. -  Picking the right sport to play can be difficult sometimes.

But for my Athlete of the Week, his name made his athletic decisions all the more fitting.

"The Thrasher name, everyone hears it, and it's just a rough-going name. So, I had to get into football and lacrosse," says Vestal junior Matt Thrasher.

With a name like that, you could say that Matt Thrasher was destined to play a contact sport like lacrosse.

Matt's journey with the sport began 12 years ago when he was in kindergarten.

Now, a junior at Vestal High School, he's developed into a versatile threat on the lacrosse field.

"He's the most dynamic, probably, player we have. His just sheer speed, his lacrosse speed. I mean, he's the fastest kid on the field. He has the ability to take the game over when he wants to. When he's on, there's not too many people that can stop him," said Coach Chris Dutkowski.

Despite still having another year of high school left, the hard work that Matt has put in on the field has already paid off.

He's committed to playing lacrosse at the Division I level for Sacred Heart University.

After going on a visit to the campus in Connecticut, Thrasher says he was sold immediately.

"Then, when I came there on the campus, it was a beautiful campus. It reminded me so much of Vestal, growing up here. Just, all the facilities and all the plans they have going into the future to make everything even better. It was just a no-brainer for me to go there."

Matt also knows the importance of receiving a good degree, and that factored into his decision as well.

"Other than athletics, my academics are definitely a main cause of where I need to go. After athletics, what am I going to, it's all my academics that are going to lead me to where I am in the future."

With aspirations of getting into law, he already has an internship in place next year with Hinman, Howard, and Kattell Law Firm.

But, before he suits up on the field for the Pioneers or in the courtroom, he still has one more year of high school left.

And he has something special to look forward to come next lacrosse season, taking the field with his younger brother, Alexander.

"It's amazing. Me and my brother, we're two years apart. So, every year, we kind of space out, and never really get to play with him. So, going into my senior year and having him being pulled up, it's a great experience. My parents don't have to go to two games, they can just come to one. It's definitely cool. It's definitely a great experience to have with my brother."

Along with his brother, Matt also has two sisters, Samantha and Arabella.

He gets great support from them, but his parents, Gina and Richard, have had a lasting influence on Matt.

"My parents definitely raised me to never be a quitter. So, anything, I come home and have a rough day at practice, they usually talk me into it and tell me to keep my head up, and the next day is going to be great. My parents have a huge influence. I love seeing my parents come to every game and watch me play, and cheer for me. My mom has a loud voice, so I definitely hear her every game. So, my parents are everything and I wouldn't be where I am today without them."

That no-quit attitude will certainly come in handy for Matt in college, as well as for the many cases to come in his future.

When I was at the teams practice filming this, they broke out a radar gun to see who had the fastest shot.

Matt hit 80 MPH, along with several other teammates.

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