This past Saturday marked the end of the 2018-19 high school sports season, as crazy as that is to believe.

From the end of August right up until this last weekend, student-athletes from all across the area competed for their schools as well as Section IV.

Among those competing, while many were worthy, some stood out among the rest, and I chose to highlight their stories in the form of a weekly conversation.

So, with these high schoolers having wrapped up their seasons, tonight, we wrap up ours as well.

This is my conclusion to the 2018-19 Athlete of the Week.

Beginning back in the late stages of summer 2018, I’ve given you a chance to hear from some of Section IV’s best and brightest in their respective sports.

Over the last 10 months, we’ve seen some inspiring stories from student-athletes that represented many different schools and sports.

While they may have had varying ways of getting to where they are now, they each provided us with their own unique journeys and stories.

A great deal of these impressive young men and women will be taking their academic and athletic talents to the next level come the fall, with many heading to colleges for their respective sports.

Some of them were even lucky enough to be a part of some championships this season, whether section or, in a couple cases, state titles.

Regardless of whether or not they won a championship, all of the athletes chosen, and even the ones who I didn’t get to honor this year, deserve a round of applause for their abilities and dedication to their crafts.

While we can’t always see the work they put in, speaking with their coaches, they put in the same effort when nobody’s watching as well as when they are on full display.

It’s a great trait to have and is one that really can’t be taught.

So, as summer vacation has arrived and gives everyone a much-needed break, I give one final nod to those who left it all out on the field.

For all those student-athletes who graduated and are moving on to wherever life takes them next, good luck and thanks for the memories.

And for those who’ll be returning, we’ll see you in the fall.

So, that concludes yet another year of honoring those in the area who excel on the field, court, pool, or wherever they compete.

I’d like to thank Simmons-Rockwell Ford, our wonderful sponsor of Athlete of the Week.

And, of course, I’d like to thank all the student-athletes who played to their best potential all year and made my job very entertaining!

While both the student-athletes, and myself, could use a little vacation time, August will be here in no time and we’ll be right back at it.