2021 High School Football Preview: Binghamton

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BINGHAMTON, NY – This past spring was, obviously, unique when it came to high school football.

For everyone, it wasn’t the type of season that they would have wanted with no sectional or state titles up for grabs.

But, for the Binghamton Patriots, after a winless campaign, they’re regrouping in hopes of capturing their 1st section title since 2016.

The Binghamton Patriots football team is looking for a bounce back season this fall in the wake of an 0-6 spring session.

While this year’s squad is primarily underclassmen, those who are returning from the spring want to get the bad taste of that season out of their mouths.

That includes senior running back Bryce Felder, who has been impressed with the team’s performance so far, and is just glad they can have a normal camp this year to prepare for the season.

“It feels amazing. Last year, with COVID and everything, we didn’t have the chance. We’d have hour and 30 minute practices. But, having camp like this feels great. Everybody seems like they’re working together as a team. No arguing, all that,” he said.

For Felder, this past spring was a reminder of how difficult it can be to win every week. So, the message to this team is simple.

“We got to work harder. Last year was a very, it was an upsetting season. It didn’t go how we wanted it to go. But, this year, we’re ready to work harder and harder.”

That hard-working mentality is something that has to be brought by the veterans of the team like Felder, as well as one of the guys responsible for blocking for him, right guard Matt Schneider.

While Schneider is only a junior, he still has varsity experience.

He sees the work the newcomers are putting in, and thinks the Patriots will not only be better off for it this year, but for years to come.

“They’re getting used to it. We’re practicing hard. I mean, they’re going to be sore for the first couple days. But, it’s looking good. I feel good about our future here.”

Along with the player changes across the field, there’s also been a change with who’s in charge.

After 14 years, Mike Ramil is no longer the Patriots head coach.

Instead, Doug Stento has reprised that role, one he held prior to Ramil.

While some things have stayed the same as far as the playbook, Schneider says there’s still a lot to process.

“A lot of learning. We switched up some stuff this year. But, it’s a lot of learning. It’s good learning. So, I like it.”

As Binghamton continues to learn the new system, and see the underclassmen stepping up to fill roles, both Felder and Schneider say this year’s team is much different than the one just a few months ago.

“Honestly, like I said, we’ve just been working harder and harder. That’s all. That’s really all.”

“It just feels more action-packed this year. We feel more ready, more relaxed about the season. We’re just ready to win. We haven’t been liking losing the past couple of years. And we’re just ready to win this year.”

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