Josh Allen: 4 Notable Quotes following win against Lions


Buffalo, N.Y.(WIVB) – Josh Allen produced a pair of touchdowns(1 run, 1 pass) in the Bills 14-13 win over the Lions on Sunday. After the game the rookie quarterback discussed his developing chemistry with Robert Foster, Detroit’s ability to limit his runs and more. Here’s 4 Notable Quotes:

Q: The relationship that you’ve been building with Robert over the last couple of weeks has really been growing. What’s gone into that growth and your relationship on the field?

A: Well one it’s how hard Robert works. In practice he’s always on top of the speed charts and extremely competitive. Obviously being an un-drafted rookie free agent he’s got a lot to prove. And the last four weeks have kind of shown what he’s capable of. Early on in the year he wasn’t making these types of plays, but he’s put his head down and went to work. One, he’s a great story. Two, he works his tail off. He gives me everything he’s got in practice and then in the games he produces.

Q: Josh, this was less about your feet today and more about your arm. What’s the overall takeaway for you?

A: I don’t know if the stats are very good, I haven’t even seen them, but I think it comes down to the team. Our defense played fantastic. They kept us in the game all day, and we made a couple plays that helped us win this football game. It was a collective effort by everybody. Our line did a terrific job today in protection and in the run game. When you’ve got the whole team kind of pulling for each other and working extremely hard, ‘W’ is the result that you most usually will get.

Q: They clearly had a nice plan for you in terms of running. They’ve been a good team all year eliminating quarterback runs. What did you see out there? And were you aware pretty early that it was going to be tough to tuck and run today?

A: For the most part I think there was a spy on me most of the time. He really wasn’t adding on it so I moved. He was staying back there kind of mirroring what I was doing and that’s where the timing that I was talking about comes into play. If I’m good with my timing, with depths and where the receivers are and getting it out on time I don’t have to worry about that. There was a couple times where I maybe held onto it a little too long and they took advantage of it, especially down on that fourth and two play down on our red zone.

Q: This game didn’t light the world on fire today, but Keith [Ford] and Marcus [Murphy] carried 25 times for you. Did you feel they at least kept Detroit’s defense honest for you?

A: Oh 100 percent. And for K Ford to do what he did today that’s another great story. He’s practice squad basically all year long. Gets the call up, becomes active and he’s got the duty of being our primary backup today after Murph went down. He runs the ball extremely hard. There were a couple times where he was extremely gassed tired, and I told him we need it, we need you to keep going and working hard. That’s just one of the dudes that you want on your team because he’s going to do everything he can for the team.

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