Hyde sounds off on Landry, helmet rule


Micah Hyde was not afraid to speak his mind on Sunday. 

The Bills safety spent a few minutes discussing his displeasure with Jarvis Landry and the NFL. 

For the second time in three years, Landry hammered a Bills defensive back with nasty block. The first one was the last play of Aaron Williams’ career. 

The second was Friday night against the Browns when Landry’s ferocious shot briefly knocked rookie Taron Johnson out of the game. 

Hyde made it clear he thought the hit was unnecessary. 

“If the defensive player did that to the offensive player, he’s getting ejected. I don’t care if he led with the shoulder or not,” Hyde said. “He’s coming all the way from… (outside) the numbers to flying down onto the hashes and just cleaning up someone. To me that’s BS. You can’t do that. All he had to do was get in position, screen him off. He doesn’t have to come in and try to kill anybody. To me, it’s ridiculous”.

Ironically, Hyde took a position against an attempted increase in safety when discussing the NFL’s new helmet rule. 

“Where the offensive player kinda ducks his head and we go into tackle and it’s an automatic flag,” is how Hyde described it. 

Hyde says he’s seen lots of preseason games with flags that made him shake his head. He mentioned, in particular, the roughing the passer penalty ridiculed league wide from the Vikings-Jaguars preseason game this week. 

“As a football player, signing up for this, I’ve been playing it my whole life. All of a sudden, they tell us you can’t tackle a guy if his head’s down, basically,” Hyde said. “No guy is gonna run in there standing straight up when a guy’s head is down. It’s a bang-bang play, so you can’t really change your position on it.”

Hyde doesn’t like that the responsibility of those illegal hits all seems to fall on the defensive players. 

“It’s a violent sport. We all understand that. We all signed up for that,” Hyde said. “I understand when you go in and tackle, get your head out of the hit, but there’s some circumstances when it just happens.”

The sixth year pro doesn’t blame referees, either. He understands they have to throw flags based on what the league has “been stressing” to them all summer. In fact, he values his relationship with the referees and stands by them. 

Hyde’s problem is with the NFL. 

“There’s going to continue to be head to head contact. We’re wearing helmets for a reason. If they don’t want head to head, put the leather ones back on and put flags on,” Hyde said. “I’m not saying that’s ok. They’re trying to make the game safer and I’m cool with that.

“At the same, I believe the league might be doing a little bit too much.”

Just like Jarvis Landry. 

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